A crucial element to any serious business is clarity in communication.

Like most things in engineering, this is hard. It involves anywhere between a handful and hundreds of engineering teams, all trying to have a clear and informative conversation amongst themselves and to their customers about what is going on within their services and what they can do next. Hard.

While achieving effective communication is mostly a human and organisational exercise, your technology stack can and should enable this good behaviour. This blog post proposes a system that can address a huge slice of the communication pie. Error handling.


I’ve always thought that if you think that tests are solely for the purpose of building robust-ish software components and finding bugs, then you’re kind of missing the point. They are much more powerful than that.

Tests are a long-standing form of communication and the only really reliable form of documentation in your company. A tool that can create clarity around edge cases, explore what-if scenarios and help the efficiency of what is, by far your companies most expensive and sought after resource, (devs) years after you’ve buggered off for a better salary.

But frustratingly, test set up can be…

Garrett James Cassar

Grumpy developer and aspiring entrepreneur

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